Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Politics and Auto Insurance

It's always great to politicize everything.  In the United States, it's always the democrats vs. the republicans.  The liberals vs. the conservatives.  The hippies vs. the capitalists.  You get the idea.  Anyways, one of my favorite things to do is to divide and stereotype..  when it comes to everything really - race, politics, religion, etc.  It's healthy and good for the country.

Which is why I was so damn excited to find this INFOGRAPHIC titled "who pays less for car insurance? democrats or republicans."  Apart from being statistically accurate and based on facts, its just so TRUE.  I mean, in America, you are either a democrat or a republican.  It's black and white. You are either one of the other.  You either side with the democrats for every single issue or side with the republicans for every single issue.  You cannot have a mind of your own.

And with a total score of 5 AUTO INSURANCE POINTS to 4 AUTO INSURANCE POINTS, it seems like the democrats won this one!  Thanks coverhound!

Car Insurance Statistics And Stuff (By State)

We all know that auto insurance is required by law in every state in the US.  Basically, if you don't have the minimum insurance requirements, you can't drive.  While that sucks for people who can't afford to pay for auto insurance, it protects everyone else out there on the road.  After all, you never know what kind of trash is driving next to you and what kind of drugs they are high on... But I regress.

If you want to know some cool statistics about auto insurance in your state, including average auto insurance cost, auto insurance minimum requirements, and pedestrian fatalities (RIP), check out the cool INFOGRAPHIC below.